Welcome! Our powerful TeamSites platform can launch your entire group into a sponsoring frenzy and help YOU and Your Team rise quickly to the top of your company.

Does your group need a system that will light them on fire again? Do you already have a growing downline and are ready to establish your own team's identity on the Internet? Are you using an online system now but want your own?

We can help.

First, we work with you to create an identity and domain name for your team. Perhaps you already have a great domain and always thought, "If I could just get a powerful system behind this domain, my group could really take off!". Well now it can!

Next, we design an attractive website around your company and around your team. As the leader, you have the ability to control key portions of the website. Everything from the "News" section on the public website, to the "Resources" section in the Member's Back Office. We also make it easy to send the entire group an email or schedule events for all members to see in their own back office calendar.

Once this is done, we begin to develop the marketing pieces. Our award winning design staff will develop an attention getting lead capture page, exclusively for your group! The leads generated will be the highest quality you can get. We also develop a matching email template to be used with autoresponder messages. Additionally, we can develop banners, flash presentations and other interactive media for a unique online experience.

All leads that are generated through these lead capture pages are stored in each member's Contact Manager. The prospect is also sent the autoresponder messages for immediate information at the time they request it.

So how do you get quality traffic to the lead capture pages?

It's simple, each member can order traffic directly from us in their back office. We have been doing company specific lead campaigns for 3 years are well known for the quality of our leads. We use these same media sources to place the traffic each member buys.

Yes, we make it easy for each member to generate as many real-time, company specific leads as they want. Any time they want!

Our system covers the entire recruiting process creating a "Sponsoring Explosion" within your group!

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ATTN Distributors:
If we don't offer a specific system for your company yet,
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MyiSystem is a marketer's dream come true. It's a self-branding paradise. Use your own videos on incredibly well-designed lead capture pages. Promote yourself with our dynamic Online Profile pages. Generate an endless supply of leads with the dozens of ready-to-go lead capture pages, plus so much more. You won't believe how much we've packed into this system.

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MyiSystem.com - All the tools you need to succeed online!

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