Autoresponder and Email Broadcast System.
Automatic email follow-up helps keep your message in front of each them more information over time to convert them into distributors.

An autoresponder is a great way to get alot of information to the prospect, but at a pace that doesn't overwhem them. Of course, it is their to provide the prospect with contact information and website links as well.

Our system is much more than a simple autoresponder system. It is a complete email marketing platform with many advanced features. Each member has complete control over all aspects of their email marketing.

Here are a list of some of the feaures:

Edit Newsletters
Create and edit newsletters in your account (both instant response and follow-ups); these are the newsletters that your autoresponder will send out once its triggered ('instant response') and follow-ups delivered at preset time intervals

Test Newsletters
Lets you test your Autoresponder Program account by sending all saved newsletters to an e-mail address of your choice, so that you don't have to wait days before all follow-ups are delivered

Send Broadcast
This feature lets you broadcast an e-mail ('a manual follow-up') to your mailing list; you can use this to announce new products, send out newsletters, notify your prospects about special offers etc.

Detailed Broadcast Stats
This feature give you detailed statistics on each email broadcast. This includes:

  • Total Emails Sent
  • Total Emails Delivered
  • Number of Email Opened
  • Number of CLick
  • Who made the clicks
  • Which links were clicked
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces

Active Prospects
Lists all active prospects (people who have triggered your autoresponder recently and are in your autoresponder cycle, waiting for all follow-ups to be delivered) and lets you edit/remove entries; you may also add more prospects manually (granted you have their permission)

Use this to add a separate list to the system. For example, you could have one set of messages for business prospects and another for product prospects.

Shows a list of e-mail addresses of people who removed themselves from your autoresponder, by clicking on the link that's added automatically to the end of your Autoresponders

Views a list of e-mails that were rejected ('bounced-back') by the e-mail system, because for example your prospective customer changed her e-mail address

Helps you determine where your prospects came from;

This is your list of custom variables. Each variable is also accompanied with by its description. You can edit and/or remove variables from this screen.

From here you can generate HTML code to be placed on your web site that will automatically add prospects to your autoresponder. The code is copied onto the appropriate page of your web site. When a prospect clicks on the link his/she is prompted for their name and email. This information is then added to your active prospects list.

Here you can make backup of your mailing list.

Edit Settings
This page enables you to edit some vital settings of your account.

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