Member Back Office.
We should call it "Command Central" because this is the place where each member can control the velocity of their rise to the top.

Each member gets their own Back Office so they can control everything.

We've designed our Member Back Office to be both powerful and easy to use. There are 5 major categories of functionality.

1. My Site

  • About Me - to control what displays on "about me" page of member's replicated website. This includes all necessary contact information and a special 'about me' section so the member can tell his or her own personal story.
  • Site Stats - we track page views and number of leads for each member.
  • Online Calendar - to schedule events, conference calls, follow-up calls and anything else the Member wants to schedule. Also includes an email reminder system.
  • Help Section - for quick access to help on common tasks

2. Get Prospects

  • Landing Pages - Each member can control the form displayed on each capture page, and the content on the custom page. Also includes the URL for any type of online marketing the member may wish to do.
  • Order Traffic - We provide an easy and seamless way to advertiser the lead capture page, and therefore generate real-time targeted leads. Our traffic packages start as low as $50.
  • Buy Leads - Members can also leads that are less than 24 hours old. These are people that have expressed interest in a home-based business.

3. Contact Manager

  • Search/View Contacts - Each member can search through their contact list. All prospects that fill out the form on either capture page (or the form on a member's own website), become a "Contact" and their information is easily accessible through this link.
  • Add Contacts - This is where you can manually add contacts to the database without triggering any autoresponder messages. This is helpful if you want to use the Contact Manager for tracking this prospect. It will also add their email address to the Email List to receive any email broadcasts.
  • Export Contacts - This is where each member can export all of their contact data.

4. Email Marketing

  • Account Settings - This is the member's key information such as name, address, email, phone, etc. The address is used to send in the footer of each email to remain compliant with federal "spam" laws.
  • View/Add Subscribers - This is a quick way to add a name and email address to the autoresponder. This will trigger the series of messages.
  • Templates/Messages - Each member will have access to a library of templates that they can use in any way that they see fit.
  • Send Broadcast - This feature is used to send a one-time mailing to the entire subscriber list. It can be used for new product announcements, conference call reminders and anything else you want to use it for.
  • Broadcast Stats - Very detailed statistics on each email broadcast.
  • Build Capture Form - This feature allows the member to check off the fields he wants the prospect to fill out, then automatically builds the HTML code to insert into another web page. This is useful if the member has another website that they control, but still want to have their leads receive the autoresponder messages and be stored in the Contact Manager.
  • Manage/Add Campaigns - This is a useful feature for creating separate email lists. For example, each member could maintain separate "business prospects" and "customer prospects" lists, then have autoresponder messages set-up to pitch each segment differently.

5. Resources

In the Leader Back Office is a "Resources Manager" where you can add specific content for members only. You can add training marterial, new product announcements, conference call schedules...basically anything you want your team to know about.

The "articles" are then displayed in this section for the member to access.

We pre-load your resources section with many things to help your team, such as:

  • How to Use This System Effectively
  • Memory Jogger
  • Phone Script
  • How to Work Your Leads

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