Replicating Websites.
Completely Customized for inform and persuade a visitor to join your company...and maintain a consistent and successful method for each member to duplicate.

What is a self-replicated website?
It's way to use the same website design and functionality for multiple people, in this case distributors on your team.

Each member of your team can get their very own website, packed with many features to get them sposoring more people on a consistent basis. We designed this entire system to be user friendly so your distributors can start using it immediately.

These websites give each member on your team the ability to:

Advertise, Prospect, Present and Follow-up with each and every lead.

Here are some key features of our system:

Sub-domains for URLs - You get first billing with our system! Every member will have the opportunity to choose his/her sub-domain for their personal URL.

For example:

Custom Website Design - Our experienced design staff will create a one-of-a-kind website for use with our system.

Autoresponder/Email Broadcast - Capture your prospects attention with professional quality HTML email campaigns. Set up multiple accounts. Send broadcast messages to your entire prospect list.

Landing Page with Custom Survey Questions - Also included in your package is a one-of-a-kind landing page. Members may use this pages with our traffic or go buy their own traffic. Leads that are generated from this page are automatically added to the autoresponder series of messages and added to the Contact Manager system. Our system allows each member to design their own capture form so they can ask the prospect key questions.

Order Traffic and Leads - We have all kinds of traffic you can order to your landing pages, and more importantly, so can every member of your team. This can create an avalanche of activity in your ogranization. With this system, every member on your team can create their own real-time leads at any time they want!

Site Stats - We track every page on the website so every member of your team knows exactly how many page views each page is getting. We're also counting leads for you.

Contact Manager - Our system tracks every prospect in great detail, helping each of your team members turn more prospects into distributors or customers.

Online Calendar - Integrated into each member's back office is a full scheduling calendar with email reminders!

Order/Sign-up Page - This page can display products and links to your official company sponsored website.

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