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Website and Lead Capture Pages

My Main Website Link - This is where the URL for the site is located and there is also a neat feature to change the main URL to a lead capture page or other pages as designated by admin.

* Our systems replicate based on sub-domains: ex.(

My Tour Taker Lead Capture Pages - Tour Taker lead capture pages are "ready to go" for the user. The design, content, opt-in form, message campaign and redirect page are all pre-formatted into these lead capture pages. All the rep has to do is start advertising the URL. A scrolling list of recent tour takers keeps the site current and helps with conversions and credibility. An email is sent to the user each time a lead is generated.

Our system can be programmed for multipe redirect paths and follow-up campagins for each lead capture page if necesssary.

My Custom Lead Capture Pages - This is where each user can build their own lead capture page using a provided template. The user is able to build the optin form and select which fields to include, ask up to 5 custom questions and select the message campaign and redirect page. More on next page.
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