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Advertising Co-op System

Ad Co-op System Main Menu - Our powerful ad co-op system can turn any group into a marketing powerhouse. It's simple, one person sets up a co-op, adds other users to the rotation and our system does the rest. Unlike inferior systems that rotate the user lead pages, our innovative system only rotates after the lead is generated, so everyone in the co-op gets an equal number of leads. The lead is directed to the correct user's redirect page (tour), autoresponder and contact manager. We run nationwide co-ops on this very system all the time!

Create New Ad Co-op - To set up an Ad co-op, simply give your new ad co-op a name, choose which capture page you want to use for the co-op, and choose a thank you page. This does not interfere with the user being able to use this same capture page on his own.

Manage Ad Co-op and Measure Results - Once you've set up the co-op, you will start directing traffic to the specific URL the system provides. But first you must add the participants who will receive leads from the co-op, just add their username to the rotation. This page also gives stats on co-op page hits and conversions (leads generated) and conversion ratio to help you identify which co-ops are working best.
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